Sunday, March 12, 2017

Call for Proposals for Foxborough's 2nd Annual Summer Institute

Call for Proposals for Foxborough’s 2ndAnnual Summer Institute!

Foxborough held its first Summer Institute last June and to great success!  As a result, the Professional Development Committee is excited to announce our 2ndAnnual Summer Institute and we invite you to submit a proposal to share your expertise with your colleagues and area educators. Breakout sessions  can be proposed for 1 hour, 1 ½ hours or 2 hours in length. If you are considering more than one topic, please complete separate proposal forms.  The focus for the institute will be in the areas of literacy, math, special education, ELL/SEI and social emotional learning.  The PD Committee requests that workshops have a specific focus on applicable classroom strategies.

Presenters will attend the institute for free. In the instance where there are multiple presenters for a workshop, one free admission will be granted.

Please click on the following link to complete the proposal form.  All proposals are due by Friday, March 24, 2017.

Ed Eval Framework Amended

From DESE:
On Tuesday, February 28, after collecting public comment since November, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted 9-1 to amend the existing educator evaluation regulations.

The most significant change in the regulations is the elimination of a separate student impact rating. Under the amended regulations, evaluators do not have to make a separate judgment about an educator’s impact on student learning. Instead, student learning is embedded as an indicator within one of the evaluation framework’s four standards.

So, what does this mean for teachers? First, the categories of evidence have not changed. Educators and evaluators will continue to use multiple sources to paint a full picture of educator effectiveness. Second, the process should feel more streamlined. Under the former model, looking at teacher practice and teacher's impact on student learning happened separately because of the two-rating structure. Now, conversations about practice and impact can happen at the same time, reinforcing the connections between teacher actions and student outcomes.

Finally, the amended regulations focus on an overall evaluation in which professionals apply their judgment to a wide array of evidence to provide meaningful feedback and determine performance ratings. There are no formulas in the Massachusetts framework and no efforts to reduce the complexity of teaching to a number.

The Department is committed to supporting districts in implementing evaluation systems that help educators improve their practice through ongoing reflection and regular feedback.
If you have questions about educator evaluation, the amendments, or implementation, email

Friday, December 16, 2016

Are YOU a Digital Innovator?

Apply today for the 2017 PBS Digital Innovator Program! Applications are accepted now through February 12, 2017.

Who are PBS Digital Innovators? They are a community of PreK-12 educators, who set the bar high for thoughtful tech integration in the classroom. 

We're excited to bring this opportunity to the many great educators we have in Massachusetts. This year, all selected applicants will travel to San Antonio, TX from June 24-26 for a three-day, all-expenses-paid trip to the PBS Digital Innovators Summit and the ISTE 2017 Conference and Expo

Nancy Gifford of Monomoy Middle School, one of our 2016 local Digital Innovators, talks about using PBS LearningMedia in the classroom:

Apply today to take advantage of the opportunities that the selected Digital Innovators receive.